Together with several partners around Europe we have developed a unique programme for future strategists. Each partner has specific expertise and experience in future studies, in training methodologies and in evaluation techniques. The future related methods used in the programme are developed by Kairos Future, a leading European consultancy in the field of future studies and strategy development, and the methods have been practiced in Sweden for more than 15 years.

The partners consist of six consultancy companies from Sweden, Finland, UK, Germany, Belgium, and Greece. The partners all work for strengthening Europe’s industry and society and work in the fields of future studies, scenarios, visions, strategy, communication, and organisational development. The partners have long track record in working with private enterprises and public organisations, on local, regional, national and international levels. The six partners are:

Kairos Future, IFOK, ShiftN, Shared Intelligence, Emetris, Capful.

In November 2013, a selected number of candidates were invited to take part in the pilot phase of the ICFS course. For each module we invited a few clients – end users – from each of the partners’ countries. Through training and learning by the end-users in future strategies, the end users themselves played a key role in the long-term development and adaptation of the ICFS to the future labor market needs.

The project started in October 2012 with the cooperation of six European organizations and will be finished in September 2014. The idea is to have the education program running by 2015.
The duration of the International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) course will be in the range of 5 months, 3 days at a time at regular intervals with home assignments in between.

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