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The ICFS course is composed of five modules.

Module 1: Environmental analysis (9-11 March 2022)
  • Focal question & Time frame, Quality & Scope, Contextual and transactional environment
  • Trend scanning, Trend analysis, How to research, Trends & data gathering
  • Certainties, uncertainties, Cross impact analysis, Systems analysis, Home assignments

Module 2: Scenarios (6-8 April 2022)

  • Scenarios: theory: different types + purposes, Different scenario methods, Contextual understanding, The importance of uncertainties
  • Develop scenarios with a clear purpose, Scenario: logic, characteristics, stories, illustration
  • Tension: create tension between scenarios, Test scenarios,  quality assessment

Module 3: Vision & strategy analysis (11-13 May 2022)

  • Visioning: engagement , Stake Holder participation, Creating a shared vision in an organisation
  • Strategy Models, Theory & practices, Strategy ideas suggestions, Creative methods
  • Assessing strategies, Wind tunnel testing, Home assignments

Module 4: Strategy & action (15-17 June 2022)

  • ”Change agenting” implementation in the organisation, Action planning + Communication
  • Continuous trend-scenario-strategy-innovation cycle, Monitoring and scanning Environment
  • Review of home assignments, Repetition to cement
Module 5: Follow-up and certification (1 September 2022)
  • Reporting of home assignments
  • Summing up and solving possible issues
  • Certifications and diplomas