Listen to some of the participants in Stockholm 2019 here:

Below you can find testimonials from previous ICFS participants.

”The framework and tools have been directly applied to my home organisation and have brought immediate structure and value to our strategy work. Moreover, the course has also prepared me well for facilitating change.” Harry Malcolm, Nordisk Vindkraft (Sweden)

”I would definitely recommend this course to other people. If you like working in company development or organisational development, and interested in the future, then this course is really key”.Rikard Wallin, NCAB Group Sweden AB (Sweden)

“One of the main take aways is a more systematic approach of looking at the big picture by basically splitting it into smaller pieces and combining them to create a bigger entity and vision”. Micke Nordman, Scandinavian Business Design Oy (Finland)

“I really like the composition in the room: we are from different countries, different cultures, which gives us different angles and views to look at the definitions and how to work with the different tools that we learn”. Maria Fiskerud, Akzo Nobel AB (Sweden)

“The ICFS provided me with a solid method and definitely a very strong strategic insight, which enables me to make the right decisions in my business”. Michael E. Nalbantis, Helional (Greece)

”I have learned a lot from all the tutors and the participants and it has been really interesting and inspiring for me.” Natasja Billiau, Accenture (Belgium)

“The really interesting thing of the course is that it is not a set method, it is a way of thinking that you can adapt to different types of problems. So, it is a set of principles that are applicable whether you work in the private sector, in the public sector, for a small company, or large company, and dealing with problems that are very outcome focused”. Martin Whittles, Westminster City Council (UK)