Testimonials from the international participants who completed the 2015 ICFS course in Stockholm.

”The framework and tools have been directly applied to my home organisation and have brought immediate structure and value to our strategy work. Moreover, the course has also prepared me well for facilitating change.” Harry Malcolm, Nordisk Vindkraft (Sweden)


”ICFS gave me the tools and knowledge to be part of the process-management for our national future process Region 2050, a 2 year process with all regions in Sweden participating, led by Reglab. ICFS gave me confidence enough to both build and manage the process.” Magnus Jörgel, Senior Strategist at Region Skåne (Sweden)


”I have learned a lot from all the tutors and the participants and it has been really interesting and inspiring for me.” Natasja Billiau, Accenture (Belgium)


”The course has particular strengths such as the specific examples, the ability to ask questions and receive detailed answers. Moreover, the practical work during the course gave me a more clear ability to understand all the tools.” Dimitrios Chelidonis, Thessalian Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Greece)


”The ICFS course gave me the much needed tools to help anchor strategies within our organization.” Henrik Skinstad, Sigma IT Consulting AB (Sweden)


”I have new insights and a new way of thinking. This will help me develop both new ways of working and new assignments in my organization.” Robin von Euler, Nacka Municipality Schools (Sweden)


”Extremely applied to the real world and a clear framework to work from.” Harry Malcolm, Nordisk Vindkraft (Sweden)


”I have learned new skills and thereby improved self confidence in being a spokesperson for foresight activities inside my organization.”


”Particular strengths of the course are the concrete tools, together with the versatile and hands-on learning style.”