We are looking forward to our 2016 ICFS reunion on the 10th of June in Stockholm. A whole day where participants from the 2014 ICFS pilot course, the 2015 ICFS course, the Swedish version of the course Framtidsprogrammet and some potential future course participants will gather to discuss future studies and exchange experiences on the practical application of the methods learnt during the course.

The agenda for the day will be as follows:

  • Welcome to the reunion
  • Input 1 – News on future studies – practical examples and new topics
  • Input 2 – Presentations from participants from course participants – how have we applied our knowledge in futures and strategy assignments?
  • Input 3 – Future Provocation – Jose Cordeiro, the Millennium Project and professor at the Singularity University, with discussion
  • Input 4 – Trends, data, signals: On the use of Co:tunity in the STEP program, etc
  • Input 5 – Input from a senior Government decision-maker on the importance of future studies: Agnetha Alriksson, Senior administative officer at Ministry of Agriculture, Swedish Government, on the Swedish National Forestry Program
  • Group discussion – Ambitions for the future

Below you can find some pictures from the 2016 ICFS reunion. Thank you all for coming! It was fantastic to see you again.

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