The 2020 edition of ICFS took new turns as the pandemic spread across the globe. At the end of Module 2, some participants realized they had to leave Stockholm in advance in order to get back to their home countries. At the same time we realized we had to change schedule.

So Module 3 and Module 4 were postponed one month and moved to on-line training. Everyone joined via Zoom and by using Mural as an excellent substitute for postit notes, flipcharts, and white boards, everything proceeded well. The group enjoyed the possibility to finalize the course during the spring/early summer. Also the tutors enjoyed that possibility. We had to make some changes, but basically it was the same program. 

This also led to us adding a fifth module. It’s a one-day, on-line session, where course participants get a chance to present their home assignments and reflect on their learning. This Module 5 will be standard in coming ICFS programs.