The International Certified Future Strategist (ICFS) is maybe the first in-depth programme blending theory and practice for

• business environment analysis
• future and scenario studies
• vision building
• strategy development and action

In short: from words to action – from future to strategy.

”ICFS gave me the tools and knowledge to be part of the process-management for our national future process Region 2050, a 2 year process with all regions in Sweden participating, led by Reglab. ICFS gave me confidence enough to both build and manage the process.” Magnus Jörgel, Senior Strategist at Region Skåne (Sweden)

Still wondering why you should join? The short answer is that it is the only comprehensive training to become international certified future strategist. The long answer can be found in this white paper that covers seven reasons to join the programme. Fill out the form below to download the paper.