Around 40 ICFS alumni met up in a hybrid reunion on 3 September 2021. Some 15 joined on-site and about 25 on-line, from Mexico, USA, several European countries, and Hong Kong – a truly international meeting – and it was so good to see everybody again!

We took part of interesting presentations from some of our alumni:

Nondas Christophilopoulos (ICFS 2014 and the ICFS core team), who is the UNESCO Chair on Futures Research talked about the future literacy program and gave us also new insights to the use of the Futures Cone. Magnus Jörgel (ICFS 2015), Senior Strategist at Region Skåne gave us impressions of the Swedish regional foresight programs and the use of foresight within RegLab (Swedish regional development program).

Claudia Quiros (ICFS 2019) presented her work for the future of the City of Leon, Mexico, using the whole toolbox from ICFS. James Gleave (ICFS 2017) continued with the Future Transport Playbook and the example of Nottingham, UK. Based on the experience from ICFS, Emina Abrahamsdotter (ICFS 2017) developed GoGender, which she presented to us. And finally, Heléne Olsson (ICFS 2019) talked about the experiences of running complex futures program with clients on-line, with the example of Kairos Future’s work for the Atlántico region in Colombia.

It was a truly inspiring day, facilitated by Nina Al-Ghussein Norrman (ICFS 2014), who guided us all, wherever we were, through the day – thank you Nina!