The Greek partner on the ICFS, Phemonoe Lab (Emetris), has recently launched a report that maps four plausible scenarios for the future of the Chinese research & innovation landscape in 2025.

The work has been done in collaboration with PRAXI/FORTH in the context of the “Dragon-Star” project which was funded by the European Commission.

The four composed scenarios for China are:

  • Yin & Yang – strong successful central governance combined with greater openness and a flourishing economy determines a cutting edge research community in 2025.
  • Blue Jasmine – strong and open governance fights to revive the national economy that is hit by a global crisis and the relocation of foreign manufacturing industries, characterizes the situation in 2025.
  • Dungeons & Dragons – Less open governance, and an insufficient court system support SOEs based development which seems to still to be successful in 2025.
  • The Breathless Queen – An overdrawn toxic China, characterized by a collapsed national economy and a dismantled society, seems to be the greatest global disappointment in 2025.

Here you can read more about the study. The full report can be downloaded here: China2025