Kairos Future was involved in a study to identify the potential benefits from using blockchain technology for food transparency and control. The purpose of the project was to:

  • Identify the current state of food traceability and control, and technologies and projects that can be valuable in designing blockchain solutions.
  • Identify blockchain technologies and projects that can be applied within food traceability and control.
  • Show examples of how the current processes can be improved using blockchain technology. These areas of use can then be foundations for potential pilot projects.
  • Write a report and communicate the results to public authorities, the retail and food industry, in order to stimulate interest and knowledge of the potential with the blockchain technology.

Besides Kairos Future, other partners involved in the project were Axfoundation, SKL Kommentus (part of The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions), Martin & Servera (Sweden’s largest food service company), and Sustainable Public Procurement – a collaboration between the Swedish county councils and regions.

You can download the report here.