Many people claim that the office is dying, that it is no longer needed as we now can work anywhere – at home, in a café or at the beach; indeed, anywhere but the office.

Nothing could be more wrong. In the new thought economy, it will be crucial for people to meet in order to create and produce. We think poorly on our own but rather well together with other people. A good office is a hub where people gather of their own volition, because it offers a great variety of environments to work in, as well as tools and systems to facilitate their work.

Work is no longer just a place. It is to a much greater extent about what you do. Work is performed both in the office but also far beyond its walls and outside the customary 8-to-5 office hours. Work covers a greater context, as the office acts as a meetingpoint as well as supporting work without boundaries.

A creffective workplace – a workplace that is creative, effective and engaging – is a workplace with good digital tools and ways of working, with an adaptive culture that promotes change and management (leadership and governance) that continually develops and is developed.

This largely entails changing how we work. But we also need the right conditions – digital technology and suitable working environments. The office then becomes the hub of the organization’s activity – a hub that attracts the best workforce and helps its employees to perform at their best.

These prerequisites are not generally satisfied in our traditional offices with designated workstations in open-plan areas and with limited digital technology and an absence of digital ways of working. The time for change has come. The office is one of several tools in a greater context, the creffective work without boundaries.

Kairos Future was involved in the production of the final report, which can be downloaded here. The document includes among others ten thoughts about the work and workplaces of the future and five pieces of advice for the future.